With the best Hay Chec® you'll ever buy!

Hay Chec® Features

The proper taking and retention of sampled material has been achieved with Hay Chec®

Best Inside Diameter Size

Too large an opening makes it difficult to grind the material, too small makes it difficult to get a good sample. The Hay Chec® by A.M. Hodge Products finds the perfect size balance.

Probe Tube Length

The length of our tube is best for taking baled hay samples. The tube must penetrate the baled material exactly the same depth on every probe, otherwise you will get more soft material and a representative sample will not have been obtained.

Stainless Steel Material

Our penetration tube is made from stainless steel so that it maintains its sharp edge longer, has adequate strength while having a thin wall, and stays smooth and rust free for an extended lifespan.

Handle Size and Texture

The handles of our Hay Chec® probe are sized and textured to permit a firm grasp during the sampling procedure.

Perfected Taper of Cutting Edge

The angle and length of our taper has been refined for an easy penetration of the bale, allowing the sample material to pass freely through the tube and preventing blockage.

Threaded Tube Bottom

The bottom of the probe tube is threaded so that it can easily be sent back to the factory for re-tapering, or can be quickly replaced if bent or broken.

Machined and Threaded Base

The base of the Hay Chec® probe is machined to provide a protective ridge for the threaded jar retainer. The base is intentionally constructed to be heavier to create better balance and momentum during the sampling procedure.

No Power Needed

With no need for a power source, the Hay Chec® is highly portable making it convenient for sampling out in the field.